5 Top Destinations to Visit in Lake Tahoe, Perfect for Nature Vacation

Lake Tahoe is considered as the biggest alpine lake in North America. It attracts visitors all year round with its natural beauty and a wide selection of activities. The pristine blue water and snow capped peaks attract climbers, campers, and boaters.

Besides, most people come in the winter to enjoy skiing. There are several ski resorts such as Heavenly Ski Resort, Squaw Valley, and Homewood Mountain Resort. There are also a few museums in the area which tell of Lake Tahoe and the railroad that once went through the nearby towns.

Want to know about the best things to do in Lake Tahoe? Let’s scroll this article down!

1. Desolation Wilderness

Desolation Wilderness is a governmentally protected wild zone in the Lake Tahoe Basin and Eldorado National Forest. The region contains almost 64,000 sections of alpine and subalpine forest just as mountain peaks, valleys, and lakes that were framed by glaciers.

Travel in the wilderness area is restricted to foot and horseback, as all types of mechanical transport except for wheelchairs are prohibited. Besides, visitors are expected to leave no trace and carry all litter out of the park. The natural area features miles of trails, including beginners to advance trails.

2. Donner Memorial State Park

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Donner Memorial State Park preserves and memorializes the site of the Donner Camp, which is the place individuals from the Donner Party were trapped by weather in the winter of 1846–1847.

In the visitor center, there is a site and an exhibit that is related to the history and culture of the area, including the Donner Party, Native Americans, and the First Transcontinental Railroad. Besides, park workers give interpretive walks, climbs, presentation, and campfires.

The visitors center also contains the Pioneer Monument and the Emigrant Trail Museum, which are committed to explorers of the Emigrant Trail. Recreational opportunities include several miles of hiking trails and a stretch of lake frontage.

3. Emerald Bay State Park

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Emerald Bay State Park is located on Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay, one of the most popular areas of the lake. The park grounds include Eagle Falls and Vikingsholm, which is a large Scandinavian mansion. There is Fannette Island, which is the main island in Lake Tahoe.

The Emerald Bay State Park has two campsites, including the Boat-In campsite, which is just open by pontoon or by climbing, and the Eagle Point Campsites. A scenic trail curves around the bay. It provides access to the lakeshore.

4. Fallen Leaf Lake

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Fallen Leaf Lake is a remote mountain lake in El Dorado County. The glacier-created lake is about a mile south of Lake Tahoe. The Fallen Leaf Lake Campground is situated close to the lakeshore. There is minimal commercial development on the lake.

And the services are so limited to the small Fallen Leaf Marina and Store at the lake’s southern tip. Wakeboarding and waterskiing are the most popular activities including a good spot for fishing, sailing, kayaking, and many more.

5. Heavenly Ski Resort

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Heavenly Ski Resort is located on the border of California and Nevada in South Lake Tahoe. The ski resort highlights 97 runs and 30 lifts spread out more than four base destinations divided between the two states. The ski season is normally from the middle of November until the middle of April.

The slopes include a combined yearly normal of 360 inches of natural snow and one of the biggest snowmaking systems. Don’t forget to take a look at the mountainside which offers a stunning view of Lake Tahoe.

There is also an Unbuckle at Tamarack Lodge and the Dj Cat. It is a custom DJ station built on the back of a snowcat. Take a chance to party in Heavenly!

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