Guatemala: World’s Greatest Alfombras

Antigua in southern Guatemala has been acknowledging as a UNESCO World Heritage website given that 1979 for its cultural, political, and architectural value. Each year, Antigua covers its streets in elaborate alfombras, or carpets, throughout Semana Santa in preparation for the city’s processions on Good Friday.

Only like water’s damp and fire’s hot, whenever there’s a significant procession someplace in Guatemala, particularly in La Antigua Guatemala, there’s continually going to be gorgeous carpets of numerous products decorating the streets of the processional path. These renowned carpets serve as offerings celebrating the death of the processional march. Typical practice throughout processions determines that the very first action onto a carpet has actually to be taken by the cucuruchos bring afloat with an image of Jesus.
The carpets are typically made out of different offerings such as pine leaves, sculpted flowers, palms, and fruits. The most sophisticated carpet styles are generally prepared with coloured sawdust and bits of shaved wood, all organized into complicated patterns.

The people who craft the carpets resort to cut-out moulds to include various shapes and figures onto the carpet. When Guatemala’s liberal federal governments in the late 19th century dissipated lots of popular spiritual celebrations, the carpets started to be integrated gradually into provided and holy week processions. Now, these carpets (” alfombras,” as residents refer to them) are world-famous, and the ones crafted in La Antigua Guatemala are extraordinarily essential.

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In the event of Semana Santa or Holy Week, the kids of NPH Guatemala produced the lovely, conventional alfombras– carpets made from coloured sawdust.
Throughout Latin America, Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday is commemorate in grand style with processions, fireworks, and religious services. Unique to the nation of Guatemala, las alfombras (the carpets) are another Holy Week custom, one presented from Spain throughout the Spanish conquest. The close-by city of Antigua, Guatemala (a brief 20 minutes from NPHG’s house) is famous for its intricate alfombras that cover the streets every Holy Week, and every year the kids of NPH include our school with alfombras.

Alfombras are stunning carpets made of vibrant, coloured sawdust (sand and rice can also be used) and made of flowers, fruits, veggies, and sand. The long carpets cover much of the town’s main roadways, passing below the historical Santa Catalina Arch, a sign of Antigua’s European roots. Stencils are used to produce fancy styles in the alfombras, and water should continuously be sprayed on the carpets to keep the colours intense. As is the custom in Antigua as well, the lovely carpets are ruined as Via Crucis people and procedures stroll through each alfombra.