Best Western Hotel Journel, Saint Laurent Du Var

The hotel offers city views, a balcony, a 24-hour front desk, and totally free WiFi is offered throughout the hotel. At the hotel, the spaces have a closet. The closest airport is Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, 10 miles from the hotel.

Best Western Hotel Journel Saint-Laurent supplied lodging with a bar, personal park, lounge, and balcony. Best Western Hotel Journel Saint-Laurent serves buffet breakfast and American food.

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Situated in an easily positioned town centre hotel with its own parking centre. Its fortunate place beside a pedestrian zone permits you to captivate in the many stores, bars, and restaurants in the location in a peaceful, safe, and calm method. The hotel balcony, which commemorates the plant life of the Mediterranean, is a paradise of the plant where you will feel far gotten rid of from the city while still being close to its dynamic heart and within simple reach of its roadway, air, and rail travel choices.

Their Art Deco design hotel uses an outstanding level of services, such as a reception with a concierge service, a bar, totally free Wi-Fi connection, cooling, pay parking with direct access to the hotel, and so on. Whether for an expert solo journey, a vacation for 2 or a household vacation, the 38 spaces and studios of the very best Western Hotel Journel Saint-Laurent-du-Var can satisfy all your desires. Well-appointed and extremely comfy, they invite you to unwind after a day of work, enjoyable on the beach, a shopping session or sightseeing in the sunlight of the French Riviera.

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Experience You Can Get Around Saint Laurent Hotel

1. The Old Town
Saint-Laurent-du-Var’s Old Town is rather a long way far from the train station, a walk of approx. When you come from the east), 1 mile inland (on your right-hand side.
It is not the most beautiful Old Town on the coast, but also not the worst and comes as an enjoyable surprise, which is a respectful way of stating: having actually strolled for a mile down a nondescript roadway with nondescript domestic structures from the 1970s and 80s (and in particular having actually seen the row of boarded-up and run-down structures near the train station), you would have anticipated something a lot even worse. No: it isn’t all that bad.

2. Townhall
And on the border of the Old Town, there is even a genuinely remarkable structure: Saint-Laurent-du-Var’s City Hall, the biggest and grandest I have actually ever seen for a town of this size. I have browsed some background info on this– may be the town “acquired” a Napoleonic palace and did not understand what else to do with it?

3. Cap 3000
Now we are talking. “Cap Trois Mille” is the biggest shopping centre on the French Riviera (not an especially congested field of rivals, undoubtedly), and, let’s be sincere, the only reason that anyone from the outdoors ever concerns Saint-Laurent-du-Var at all.
If you wish to “live like common people” on the Cote d’Azur– and contrary to what some people think: not everyone around here is a Russian oligarch– and “do what common people do”, this is as excellent a place to begin as any.
This, nevertheless, I hesitate to report, is where the Cap 3000’s appeal ends and begins. It is, by North American shopping centre requirements, neither especially elegant nor big– there are no dolphinariums and luna parks connected to it, and there are not even palm trees in the lobby however just some stunted banana plants.
You will also experience fruitless for restaurants with fresh seafood menus– rather, there is a Brioche Dorée counter on the 2nd flooring that does a roaring sell chicken sandwiches. Extremely French, in a sort of “common people” method.
In fact, the Cap 3000 is not even big by French requirements and hands out its age (it was integrated in the 1970s) in more than one way. It is still big enough, nevertheless, to have actually driven nearly all the stores on its (the seaside) side of the train tracks out of business. At least you now understand the factor why there are so lots of boarded-up stores opposite St Laurent’s train station– even if you never ever pay a check out to the town itself.