Everything About Costanera Norte

Costanera Norte (Spanish: Northern bank roadway) is a 43 km privatized expressway (Autopista Urbana) in Chile, linking northern Santiago from east to west, along the north bank of the Mapocho River, utilizing an electronic toll collection system. Costanera Norte is a 30.4 km privatized city highway prepared by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works (MOP) to increase movement within the city area and to cope with intensifying blockage issues. It is making up a single, triple-lane, and double link. Six brand-new bridges, a 2.7 km open-type tunnel, and a 4km cut-and-cover tunnels. It will bisect the city from east to west along the northern banks of the Mapocho River, running from the wealthier residential areas of the city to the bad western settlements near Santiago’s global airport.

Arup offered technical evaluation services for the Costanera Norte highway, a brand-new 45km, a six-lane city toll highway that serves as the primary east-west passage through Santiago. This complex task was the very first in Latin America with a free-flow open-road tolling system and the 3rd one in the world at the time.

Costanera Norte also consisted of several facilities enhancements along the path, such as brand-new bridges, enhanced flood defenses, and upgrades to numerous existing streets. Chilean unlisted highway concessionaire Costanera Norte is accountable for the execution, repair work, preservation, upkeep, advancement, and operation of the worldwide concession Sistema Oriente-Poniente (east-west city expressway).

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Electronic Toll System

Motorists will be tolled through making use of a free-flow electronic system that will enable toll collection to apply without the hold-ups and security dangers developed by standard toll cubicle centers. The Costanera Norte task will be among four city expressway networks in Santiago, producing the very first ‘wise’ interstate system of its kind in the area.

Ascom was commissioned to execute a brand-new type of payment collection system. All chauffeurs will be able to pass through the Costanera Norte payment gates at regular speed. These cars and trucks are, to a significant degree, geared up with cordless transponders that send the chauffeur’s consumer number to the toll collection point.

Because all the freeway operating businesses in Chile use the same transponder system, chauffeurs require only one such client number tag on the windshield of the vehicle. The consumer number will be sent from the sensing unit to the Ascom central system. This primary computer system will assess the information, determine the range took a trip on the freeway, and send out the chauffeur a suitable expense to his house address.

Searching for Food?

There are plenty of locations to eat on the Costanera Norte. The Centro Costa Salguero host big occasions consisting of electronic music celebrations, and there are other famous clubs close by.

Green Spaces

The Costanera Norte is characterized by tidy air, green areas, and river views. Heading north of the airport, you’ll discover the Parque de la Memoria. A little even more north, kids will like the Parque de Los Ninos Children Park.

Sport Activities

If you’re into severe sports, head to the Costanera Norte Sports Park for skateboarding and much more. Bicyclists can make usage of Circuito KDT, a function develop cycle circuit in Manuel Belgrano Park, and boasts a swimming pool, beach ball, velodrome and speedball courts, and more. If you want to eat expensive fish, go to the Club de Los Pescadores, or Fishermen’s Club.