Ekas Breaks Resort and Things To Do There

Ekas Breaks Resort is situated in Ekas Bay, East Lombok. Ekas Breaks Resort provides comfy cottages, large suites, a restaurant, as well as a beautiful swimming pool to dip your feet in as you relax and simply relax. They are situated 2 km away from surrounding beaches. They will take care of the preparation and logistics of all activities so that you can focus on delighting in the resort and all that Ekas has to use.

Ekas Breaks Resort lodging consists of 12 standard Lombok-style Bungalows made entirely from wood and covered with an alang-alang (thatched) roofing. The Bungalows are set in stunning gardens with swimming pool views, merely a couple of actions away from your early morning swim.


At Ekas Breaks Resort, there is only one thing you do not require to stress about the food! Ekas Breaks Resort restaurant provides a range of Local and western Indonesian meals, all sourced in your area.


Ekas Bay, a stunning and remote bay in South East Lombok, has appeal for all levels of web surfers. Ekas Breaks Resort is preferably situated just 1km from Ekas Bay, where the two browse breaks are reached quickly with the resort boatman in 10 minutes. Thanks to its specific area and set-up, Ekas Bay usually has swell all year round.

It’s ideal for all capabilities, breaking best and long far inside the bay. The right is a high-quality wave, especially on the low tide and a bigger swell, appropriate for innovative web surfers. The left winds down the reef on any tide (depending on swell size), a softer wave suitable for the less knowledgeable internet user who desires a timeless long flight.
Depending on the tide, swell, wind, and your desire to browse something various, there are other prospective waves in the neighboring Southern Reefs such as Sereweh. In big swells, one freshly found hollow ideal winds over 800m down the reef on the open coast.

Image by Arhnue Tan from Pixabay

Non Surf Activities

– Swimming and Snorkelling
Ekas Bay and shoreline is an excellent location to swim securely and is house to a range of vibrant tropical fish. In the middle of Ekas Bay, you will discover a coral garden that is best at low tide.
– Kite and Wind Surfing
Ekas Bay and the Southern Reefs are the best areas for kite and wind browsing. Since of its size and orientation, kite browsing is exceptional at the big reefs in the entryway of the bay and on the broad lagoons and fringing reefs close by.
– Biking
Around Ekas, the plants and animals are incredible: cliffs, lagoon, beaches, jungle, monkeys are awaiting you. Discover the gorgeous and remote Kalimantan and the rest of the Southern shoreline, where you are most likely to have a beach all to yourself. With the local guide or on your own, do not miss out on the chance to check out the stunning environments.
– Trekking
Mount Rinjani, Lombok’s well-known volcano, skyrockets 3726 m above sea level and is the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia, drawing in lots of travelers and climbers. The substantial crater near the top includes a lovely lake called Danau Segara Anak.
– Fishing
The most beautiful thing about Ekas Beach is the local anglers’ activities. If you are interested in discovering about their work or capturing your night meal, Ekas Breaks resort can organize a fishing journey.
– Village Tours
Tetebatu Village and the volcano waterfalls. Traditional Sasak handicraft artisans are spread out throughout the towns in this area. Tetebatu is also a gateway that indicates the waterfalls. After a 2 hour enjoyable walk through the rice paddies, you will have the ability to take pleasure in a rejuvenating dip in the mountain stream surrounded by thick jungle.
– Tanjung Luar fish market and surrounding towns
This is Lombok’s most significant fish market where you can see people offering lots of sorts of fish caught throughout night cruising. From Tanjung Luar, you can go to Sapit Village, a rice and tobacco farm, along with Pijot Village, where you can see people making salt in a conventional way.
– Massage
After the day’s activities, absolutely nothing much better than a standard massage under the gazebo or in your cottage.

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